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Celebrities meeting John Nolan

When you are in someones BLACK BOOK it is normally a bad thing..................

But not in MY BLACKBOOK.

People from all over the world have signed the BLACKBOOK.

The Black Book is loaded with pictures and signatures of lots of celebrities

as well as people like you and I.

It is a good thing to be in the Black Book.

The Black Book is located now at 8, Portland Street, Southport. PR8 1JU

Why not drop in and say Hello and sign the Black Book.

We make a wonderful cup of tea

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David Cameron, Primeminister of the UK

and leader of the Conservative Party.

David found time to sign the famous Black Book

during a visit to southport

and to discuss the SHRINKING POUND.

The Antiques Man asked David after he showed David

a 1780 cartwheel penny.

I am interested in the shrinking penny,

not the shrinking Pound.

Now compare a penny today with one from the 18th century.

Now what are you going to do about that ................

Liverpool humour.

David did ask The Antique Man some questions

and The Antiques Man reply reply was

" Politiacal Questions need Spritual Answers,"

David cheep as chips.

Not this painting David. An oil painting of James ll

the last Roman Catholic King of England

inspected by The Duke.

He loved pointing but keeps his cheque book in his pocket.

David, point all you like.

"The candle sticks are going to auction."

Eric Knowles (right)

famous for his roll as an expert on the

BBC's Antiques Road Row

A Burnley Football Supporter first

and an auctioneer second.

Eric Dropped in to my Antique showroom to sign the Black Book

and personally signed one of his own books


a beginner's guide with over 1,400 illustrations. UK price £20.

You should read what Eric wrote in the Black Book.

Eric Knowles (right)

Famous for his roll as an expert on BBC's Antique Road Show.

checks the £20 note.

"Eric you mean you have not seen a £20 note before"

Eric said "I heard about them but never seen one."

Banter, Eric is an expert on banter as well.

Geoff Strong. R.I.P

A good friend for many years

and one of the few footballers

that have played for Liverpool FC and

Arsenal FC.

Here he signs the Black Book at the shop


before we went to lunch with

Roy Evans Ex Liverpool FC manager

and childhood friend

from Southport Road Bootle

Howard Kendall. R.I.P

(left) Thought by Evertonians as a God of Goodison Park

John is an ardent Everton Supporter.

John appreciated Howard signing the Black Book.

Manager and player for Everton FC

and the Manager of the Everton Team

that brought home to Merseyside

the European Cup Winners Cup in 1986.

Everton's greatest day..........

On the day of Howards Funeral

The Antiques Man bought Howards

Preston North Ends 1962-1963 season

PLAYERS TICKET. This is like a pasport for footballers

to allow entery in to home and away games,

proof who they where.

Martin Dobson (right),

Martin first met John (left) in 1983 when he bought his house in Southport.

Martin played for Everton and England,

at one time was the most expensive footballer in Britain

before moving on to Burnley FC.

Michael Aspell. (right)

from This is Your Life fame

and presenter of the Antiques Road Show.

Picture taken in the Garden during making

of the BBC TV show

"Antiques Road Show" in Southport.

The Antiques Man that day

put the artist Isherwood on the map

James Lawrence Isherwood Southport

and Wigan artist

Norman Wisdom (left) a lovely and funny man.

John was on his way back from Hopes Butches in the Southport Market

when Norman asked John "is the bag for me." John replied

"Sir Norman MEAT Sir Loin"

Sir Norman laughed and said that was the quickest ONE LINER

he had ever heard.

If you have made Norman Wisdom laugh, well that can't be bad thing.

By the way Sir Norman loves to shake hands and see how long he can keep the hand shake going. He told me 3 minutes holding Queen Elizebeth ll hand.

When he received his knighthood. On returning to his seat he did that "little trip" even the Queen had to smile.

Norman Wisdome 1915-2010

He died to day. 4th October 2010  May he Rest in Peace



Ardent Manchester United fan and local radio celebratory

He drives a BLUE car and is a bit of comedian on the side.

He even found time to sign the famous BLACK BOOK.

Great bloke... Part of a double act.

tune into their radio show.

Roy Adams, a very good friend for many years.

Roy is a local artist and also an author of a very interesting book "HARD NIGHTS" the Cavern and the Nightlife

Roy was the last owner of the famous Cavern Club in Liverpool

+ a lover of Antiques. Here he is signing the Black Book.

If you are ever in Southport and want to spend the night in an extra special hotel. Then stay at the " THE VINCENT "

It is owned by Roy's son Paul Adams.

It is top drawer.

Southport antiques dealer returns rare Beatles photographs

found in a desk and returned to original owner

Nov 14 2008 by Gillian Stratton, Southport Visiter

Gillian a good friend wrote this story for the Local paper

Rare Beatles photographs have been found

in an antique chest of drawers.

Among the snaps is a picture of Paul McCartney

and George Harrison in a class photo

with newsreader Peter Sissons.

Also found in a tin in the top drawer of the piece of furniture

was a bubble gum card issued in 1964

featuring all four Beatles

and signed by Paul McCartney.

Gavin Douglas, a member of Simon and Garfunkel

tribute band "Feeling Groovy"

sold the item of furniture to The Antiques Man,

John Nolan unaware the photos were still inside.

Mr Nolan has now handed the

photographs back to Mr Douglas,

whose father Keith went to the same school

as the future superstars.

Mr Douglas said "My dad was in the same

Maths class as George and the

same English class as Paul.

They all used to knock around together

and have a laugh with each other

at the Liverpool Institute for Boys.

My dad plays the guitar and he used to sit

in the cafeteria playing his guitar with

George and Paul but I don't

think he was ever close to being a Beatle.

I have been told

there are not many of these school photos around

because it cost quite a lot of money to buy them.

I don't know how my dads parents could afford to buy it

but their investment has been worth it.

A while ago I was approached by Sotheby's

who wanted me to go down to London

and sell the pictures,

but I never got round to going.

If the right offer came along I would sell them.

Memorabilia linked to the greatest names in pop

is highly attractive to collectors.

Mr Nolan The Antiques Man said:

I bought the furniture, not the photos

so I had to give them back.

I couldn't believe it when I opened the tin and saw them,

I am ,sure if he wishes to sell them

he will be able to get a good price for them.


Tony Kay and Billy Bingham

Photograph taken inside my

China Shop.

Two of the greatest players to have played

For Everton FC and have played football.

When sold by Sheffield Wednesday to Everton

in the 1962 Tony Kay became the most expencive

footballer in England. When sold by Sheffield Wednesday

to Everton.

The money bought Sheffied Wednesday a new stand

Billy played for Ireland and Sunderland

and manages World Cup teams on 3 occasions.

While in my shop a lady who supported Man U.

asked ,why I was taking the photograph.

I replied they are famous footballers.

What are their names she asked.

When I told her she said "never heard of them."

a bit rude I thought.

I asked the lady "what footballers have you heard of"

and she replied "George Best."

Billy Bingham at this point said

" O', I have heard of him. He played for me

when I was the manager of Ireland. "

At this point the lady left the shop

with THIS TALE tail behind her.


 Omid Djalili signs the famous Black Book

What a great bloke.

He is a good friend of my Wifes Family

and a very funny man.




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